Introducing Your Products to Wholesalers

Finding the right wholesaler(s) for your product, one able to supply the right retailer to ensure your product reaches your target demographic is critical to a successful product launch. We are able to advise, direct and utilise our connections to ensure a smooth and successful listing process on your behalf.


Health and Wholefood are able to support you throughout your journey from wholesaler and into the hands of your customers. For more information about this launch phase service please get in touch, telling us a little about your product, along with a link to your website and / or social media platforms to:

Health and Wholefood is a sales and marketing agency with over 40 years experience in the industry. We provide an on the road sales force along side other marketing services for ethical, natural and organic brands looking to launch new products or drive the sales of existing products within the UK independent health store sector.


We develop strategies to promote brands and products in stores in a variety of ways focusing on sales along side staff training and development, in-store demonstrations, product research and marketing initiatives.


As part of our sales service we have access to key buyers and are able to quickly sell through product from both wholesalers and distributors getting it onto the shelves and in front of consumers. Through existing relationships we are able to present new brands without the 'cold call' feel whilst also encouraging range growth of brands already established within a store. To further drive sales we are able to work with retailers to create bespoke promotional activity relevant to their customer base.


We provide an extensive marketing service and are able to advise on marketing strategies appropriate to your budget. In-store we maximise merchandising opportunities and support sales with product demonstrations and customer consultations. We reaffirm our in-store presence through direct digital campaigns and social media activity. We have extensive experience in representing brands at marketing events such as trade and consumer shows, festivals and industry events. This service is available as part of a sales package or as a stand alone offering.


We offer educational support to stores by way of staff training, focusing on both product knowledge and sales techniques. As part of our in-store demonstration we are able to connect directly with the consumer to endear them to not just the product but the brand.


We are able to offer a comprehensive monthly sales report to help provide you with an analysis of the market.


We are always open to working with organic and natural brands. If you are looking to launch your brand into the UK independent health store market and are in need of a sales agency/brokerage with an experienced sales and marketing team that specialise in the independent market, then we are the team for you so get in touch.


Call Helen on 07944 307 635 or email


These are just some of the wonderful brands we have partnered with.